Utrecht Art Supplies
Inspiration can be pretty useful in producing art. You can say its a pretty necessary tool in your art toolbox. So it's great to have Utrecht, which not only produces art supplies, but also has its own chain of art supply stores where you can buy all the art supplies you need.

To promote Utrecht as an ally in producing art we built an inpiration recommendation engine and social bookmarking tool called the Inspiration Collective.

The Inspiration Collective searches YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter for content tagged as inspirational and adds them to the palette. In addition, users are able to submit their own inspirations. The palette is dynamic and is constantly updated with new content.

The user can also filter the palette's content according to the most popular tags.

The user is also able to make their own palette that keeps a history of their submitted inspirations. The Inspiration Collective can make content recommendations based on what the user has found inspirational in the past.

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Users can also download a bookmarklet browser plug-in that enables them to add inspirations to their palette as they surf the internet.

We would create awareness about the Inspiration Collective by placing wooden palettes made and painted using Utrecht Art Supplies around art college campuses.

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My Roles: Creative Concept, User Experience Design, Art Direction